Granite is extracted from pure stone; feldspars, quartz and other minerals that gives granite its fine appearance. It is formed deep underground and the magma is slowly cooled which results in a coarse or mottled crystalized structure. The extracted granite is then turned into slabs and polished for installation.


Granite comes in a variety of patterns that can range from earth tones to blues, greens and reds with various vein shading. Its appearance is either veined or pebbled, which depends on the percentage of impurities.


Granite is extremely durable and since it is a natural stone that is exceptionally scratch resistant. Granite is sealed with a resin based sealant and is more damage resistant, that unsealed granite. Granite can also withstand temperatures up to 1650°F and is more durable than iron, steel or glass.


Daily Maintenance

  •   Use a ph neutral cleanser and a soft cloth
  •   Wipe the top down regularly
  •   Blot spills up immediately
  •   Dry any spilled liquids with a dishcloth
  •   Use coasters under cups or liquid-filled pots

Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting

  •   Use baking soda and water on oil marks
  •   Use baking soda and peroxide on water-based marks
  •   Disinfect with water and denatured alcohol